How do they stick?
There is an adhesive strip on the back. Simply peel off the protective paper on this strip and then stick on your wall.

Will they damage my wall?
No the sticky strips are designed to leave no mess and no damage to your walls.

Can I move them after I have hung them?
Yes absolutely, they are designed for you to move around. If you hang them and feel you want to move then simply pull off the wall and move them to a different spot.

How big are Hangtiles?
They are printed onto an 8x8" (20x20cm) board and then with the frame added they measure in total about 9x9" (23x23). The depth is 2cm.

How do I upload my images and order?
Simply choose your product and number of Hangtiles you are after and then click the "customise" button. A visual editor will appear allowing you to easily upload your images. Once happy click "add to cart" and checkout to purchase.

Is there a minimum resolution I should follow as a guide?
Yes we recommend at least a 800x800ppi image to ensure the print is clear. Our visual editor will warn you if your image is too small to print.

Can I edit my photos?
Yes you can, our visual editor will allow you to add filters (over 50 filters), make them black & white etc. You can also adjust lighting and even add overlays. 

Can I upload images from social media?
Yes you can, when you click to upload an image you will get the option of uploading from both Instagram and Facebook along with your device images.  

How long does delivery take?
We typically ship out in 3-5 days. For more information please see here 

Do you deliver worldwide?
Yes we do, you can get Hangtiles wherever you are.